Treble’s Tanqueray

Billed as “Champion of the Decade”, the Morgan Stallion known as Treble’s Tanqueray is the Celebrity Horse waiting for me in the Youth Pavilion. And yes, he’s a horse, not a drink. Gin lovers will  understand that observation. 🙂


To get there I had to pass back through the demo ring where a clinic was going on about tack. They had a mule that was being saddled up. Each step of the process was being described and pros and cons of each step outlined. The audience was spellbound. I guess if I was about to ride a mule down the Grand Canyon I might be as enthralled too.


I found the Mallory Building and way in the back was a quiet corner with a small ring. The floor was rubber padding, not dirt and a small group was gathering. The ring was empty so I guess I made it in time.

horse show 053 copy

Treble’s Tanqueray is still competing even though he is an active  Stud with a long line of offspring that are now competing themselves. At 15 year old he is in his prime.

horse show 054a copy

Horses now routinely live into their late 20’s or even 30 years old when they have the right care.

I’ve always wondered how a horse could have a tail that dragged on the ground. You always see them like that in those wonderful portrait and here was a magnificent example of the long mane and tail.

According Tanqueray’s owners any horse can have a long , ground dragging tail. When Tanqueray is not in the show ring his tail is bound up . The most common reasons for a short tail are that the horse steps on it or it has frozen and the hairs have broken off.

Horses get their tails wet in their water pails in the stalls or  when they are allowed outside in the snow, rain and cold. When that happens and the tail hairs freeze, the hair snaps off. Makes sense; so if you want your horse to have a long tail it needs to be bound up. The mane is braided to protect it so when it’s unbraided you get the lovely waves.

horse show 063a copy

Height: 15.1
Color: bay
Foaled: 1998
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