The Week in Review

Wow! This week has been all over the place with snippets of news and some weirdness. I suppose that’s to be expected any week that includes Halloween.

Probably the most horrific event was the shooting in LAX. I’m not going to delve into that tragic event as that’s what I consider “Hard News” and I prefer to keep this as soft as possible.

So how about the Most Unusual Wedding Proposal. We’ve seen them on the Jumbotron at sports events, and the skywriters have become fodder for jokes but this week’s proposal was a first as far as I know. Very original.


It’s been reported that she said YES!

Dell laptop buyers make a stink over cat smell


Stop blaming poor Garfield. Your pretty kitty is not the culprit. If your new Dell laptop smells like a dirty kitty box it’s just part of the manufacturing process or so they say. Dell said Thursday that its investigation revealed that the strange scent is related to a manufacturing process, which the company has since fixed. But if your portable PC isn’t purrfect, Dell recommends contacting the company’s technical support team to have your laptop’s palm rest assembly replaced.

Dell laptop (1)


And finally a note of caution to would-be burglars and thieves. Don’t leave any  body parts behind less you be identified by DNA or, in the case of an Arizona man, his fingerprints, from his severed finger!


An air conditioning company employee told Glendale police someone tried to steal the wire from his truck on Oct. 7.


The spool of wire — worth more than $300 — had been pulled out about 20 feet from the truck, and what appeared to be a cut off finger was caught in the wiring. Police retrieved the finger as evidence, and forensic technicians were able to match the fingerprint to 29-year-old Joshua Allen Goverman. OOPS!  Goverman says he lost the finger while working on a car and has no idea how it got in the spool of wire. Dismembered fingers – spooky!


And how was your Halloween Week?

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