Here comes Santa Claus , here comes…

It isn’t even Halloween! We still have to get through Thanksgiving! But Taunton, the Christmas City, is already beginning to prepare for the big display on the Taunton Green.

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In a way I can forgive them. They do go all out when they decorate and often they have to build some of the displays to avoid repeating too many from the past.  They try to make it new and different each year.

Taunton Gr 2012 021 copy

I think Taunton usually has a “lighting Ceremony” the first week in December but more and more surrounding communities are lighting up in mid- November, even before Thanksgiving!

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Last year was the first time I noticed the way the display seemed to grow. Before I never paid any attention. I’d just be driving home one night and there it was, all lit up… Just like magic !

They are building something around the fountain again but the design is different. This green and white thing showed up Friday. I’m making guesses in my head as to what this will be. Maybe a drum? Will they build another Jack-in-the- box?

sat morning 003 copy

Last year I had my doubts as I watched this huge box get built in the middle of the green. I really thought it was going to be ugly. In the end it wasn’t bad at all.

Taunton Gr 2012 001 copy

I don’t think it was as nice as the year they surrounded the fountain with angel heralds but that’s just my opinion.

Taunton gr 2011 019 copy

Now that I’m working from home I’ll be able to sneak down to check on the progress better than in years past.

It’s going to be fun watching the scene unfold.

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