Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a definite yes in my count down. Its my neighbor state to the south. I’m closer to Providence than I am to Boston. I may not have “vacationed” there but I think the new rage of “Stay-cations” would count my many visits to this state.

Rhode Island is the smallest in area, the eighth least populous , but the second most densely populated  of the 50 US states behind New Jersey. Rhode Island was the first of the  13 original colonies to declare independence from British rule, declaring itself independent on May 4, 1776, two months before any other colony. The State was also the last of the thirteen original colonies to ratify the United States Constitution. 

It’s little wonder that Rhode Island should have such a feisty attitude for a little state. It was founded by Roger Williams after he was banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony for his religious views.

Today the Ocean State has a lot to offer the curious visitor. Some of my favorites are Newport and Narragansett. I first “discovered” Newport when my brother was stationed there at the Naval War College. That was an experience in itself! I also was invited to experience the America Cup Races. I was excited and climbed aboard one of the privately owned boats to watch the race. Unfortunately that was the day I learned that I was prone to sea sickness, having the worse bouts with that nasty feeling that I’ve ever had the misfortune to endure.

Better times were coming for Newport and me. I spent many weekends at the Viking Hotel for Arthur Murray Competitions before moving on to the mansions and the cliff walk.


Newport Mansions and Cliff Walk. In the 19th century socially prominent families like the Vanderbilts and Astors built seaside “cottages” to escape the summer heat of the cities. 100_0395

Of course , their idea of a cottage and mine (and probably yours unless you are an aristocrat) are miles apart.


Today these grand mansions are open for tours and events. The Cliff Walk is a 3.5 mile national historic trail that hugs Newport’s Atlantic Shoreline. No gentle beaches here, the trail is rocky and wild but offers some great views of many of the Mansions and gardens along it’s path.


The Newport Tower. The Newport Tower is located in Touro Park just a couple of streets from the heart of Newport. Newport Tower has been the subject of much speculation and lately made the reality series, America Unearthed. It’s really an interesting bit of architecture and worth a stop to visit.

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Narragansett. I like Narragansett, RI. A few years ago I took a drive down and they had a glass bottom boat that did evening tours. You could watch the phosphorescence pass under the boat and see a lot more lobsters and crabs than are active during the day. Narragansett is also home to Rose Island Lighthouse. There’s a museum and you can actually stay in the lighthouse. You pay to be a keeper for a day or week. Interested?The link is www.roseislandlighthouse.org.

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Roger Williams Park and Zoo.

RWZOO 138a copy

A very active zoo set in a beautiful park, Roger Williams has events like the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular which winds through the zoo, to swan boats on the lagoon and a carousel park.

RWZOO 160 copy

Sorry, I’ve run-over but I have to mention Waterfire, a series of bonfires on the rivers that run through Providence. I’ve never seen it but I want to. Friends give it a big thumbs up. And Block Island, a wonderful, quaint village on an island off the Rhode Island Coast…2 light houses!

Block Island 2012 107 copy

Well, that’s all for this post. The tally now stands at 14/ 25 and still counting. 🙂

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