Ohio, The Buckeye State

We’ve reached the “O” states. The first of which is Ohio and another No for the count.

Ohio is called the Buckeye State after the Buckeye tree, one of the first to leaf in the spring and the official state tree. But I rather like the Buckeye Cookie, a peanut butter and chocolate delicacy. thCAJEIXJ1

Without even doing any research I know one place I want to go….The Columbus Zoo.


Why you ask? Well besides liking zoos I especially want to see this zoo. This is Jack Hanna’s zoo. Recognized around the country as America’s favorite zookeeper, Jack has made countless television appearances since 1983 on shows such as Good Morning America, CNN’s Larry King Live, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Talk, Fox News Programs, and the Late Show with David Letterman. Jungle Jack is Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo.


Columbus , Ohio also hosts one of the Premier Ballroom Dance Competitions, The Ohio Star Ball. This was very big when I was involved with Arthur Murray Dance Studios and although people went from the studios where I was either a student or working, I never managed to go. Sometimes it would be broadcast on PBS. This was long before “Dancing with the Stars”.


When I think of Amish Country I think of Pennsylvania but Ohio boasts a one of the largest concentration of Amish settlements in the US. Travelers can follow a 76 mile Amish Country Scenic Byway. On the eastern edge of Amish country is the picturesque village of Zoar. Many of the fine historic homes have been preserved as Zoar Village State Memorial, where visitors can take guided tours and costumed interpreters give craft and cooking demonstrations.amishbuggy

Not of interest to me but possibly to others is the Pro Football Hall of Fame located in Canton, Ohio. So plan to divert there for the football fans in your entourage or you’ll never hear the end of it!college_days_russ_grim_634

Between Columbus and the Ohio River to the southeast is a scenic area that is not well known except in the Midwest. Known as Hocking Hills the area is made up of several state parks and reserves. Cliffs, gorges and caves were created here as glaciers retreated and water scoured the sandstone laid down on an ancient river delta. At the northern end is Rock House, a 300 foot tunnel along a sandstone cliff face with enormous window like openings carved out overtime by water erosion.  And just outside the park is the 100 foot natural bridge at Rockbridge State Nature Reserve, a stunning 50 feet  above the bottom of the gorge.rockbridgesideview

If you want to think you are seeing double, Twinsburg, Ohio is host to “Twin Days”.  Started in 1976 this gathering of twins, triples and even Quads and Quints , has grown to attract the multiples from around the world. Over 3000 sets converge annually on this little town of 17,000! The festival is held the first full weekend in August.


Other notable attractions are the Lake Erie Islands in northern Ohio, an archipelago that stretches north from Marblehead Peninsula across the placid water of Lake Erie and the Serpent Mound in Peebles, Ohio; a remnant from the ancient mound -building cultures. This mound has been estimated to have been constructed around 1070.

serpent mound, Adams county, ohio visit

So Ohio has a lot to offer a curious vacationer.

The score now 12 to 23

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