Does this mean They are Buddies?

There has been some tension between my oldest cat, Smokey

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and the newcomer, Buddy.

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Buddy is almost 3 lbs. heavier and bigger than Mr. Creaky Pants. Plus Smokey was declawed when I got him so he is handicapped in any confrontation. Too many times I saw Buddy stalking Smokey and Smokey trying to slink away like a prey animal. When I would see that I would distract Buddy but I didn’t like it. I worried about what went on when I was not home.

My pet sitter said they got along fine when she was in the house. She felt the behavior was caused by jealousy and that was why it only showed  up when I was at home because I’m the “mama” and they all want my attention.

Now that I ‘ve been working from home for a few months the behavior seems to have subsided. Smokey doesn’t act afraid and timid anymore and Buddy picks on Rocky, who is quite capable of holding his own.

In fact if Buddy and Rocky mix it up too much, Smokey jumps into the fray and starts batting them with his declawed paws. The combatants always separate for him. I think I need to get him a little striped shirt.

Speaking of Rocky and Buddy, they have what I think is a strange behavior. Cat lovers, have you had this in your multi-cat homes?

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One of the two cats approaches the other. It starts a grooming behavior by licking the ears and head of the other cat. This goes on for a bit and just when you think ohhh, so cute…bam! The first cat pounces on the one that was just being groomed. It makes me think of the hand shake before a fight.  Then they go bumping and rolling around the room. Growls and hisses are common but they have  their ears pointed forward. I assume they are playing because the ears are not laid back. No blood is drawn. The next day the whole ritual is repeated again but usually its the other cat that starts the grooming.

Kats 004

This morning when I went into the bedroom to make my bed there were two cats sleeping there! Buddy and surprise, Smokey. They had bunched up the comforter between them like a wall to separate them. That’s the closest I’m seen them. Does this mean they are finally becoming friends?

sleepycats 003a copy

There is never a dull moment around here!

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