Goodbye Summer Hello Fall

It’s here. The calendar reads: Autumn Begins


The nights are getting cooler even though the days are still warm and pleasant but the air has a different feel.  It’s raining buckets right now. A fitting start to a new season.

Leaf Peeping time is just about on us. Here in southeastern MA. it comes a little slower than in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont but I spotted a little bit of color starting when I was outside yesterday.

I hope I get the chance to do some leaf peeping myself. Take the camera along for a work out. There are  quite a few harvest festivals that roll around in the fall but I always miss them. They hold them on the weekends and I work. The cranberry harvest should be underway soon and the Cranberry Festivals. The bogs will be deep red. It’s a beautiful time of year in New England.

fall 006a copy

To me this is the best weather all year. The heat and humidity of the summer is gone but there is still enough warmth that we don’t have to deal with bulky coats and boots. Driving is still pavement…no ice and snow, which if we could just look at would be pretty. Unfortunately most of us have to go out in it and drive in it and shovel and…well I’m making myself depressed thinking about all that white stuff. Lets just get back to the lovely colors of fall.


Apples are fresh and apple picking is a wonderful pass time. Massachusetts has a number of wineries and they are bringing in the last of the grape harvest and pressing the wines. There is just a different feel this time of year.

Yes, fall is a nice time of year, a fleeting time of year. And the wheel of time keeps turning.

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  1. Yup, fall is my favorite time of year, then winter is next. You can’t beat fall for the temps and the color. I love the four seasons, and the mountains. No more bugs to bug you unless your out raking, then they tend to get a bit upset that your are disturbing their winter quarters. 🙂

    • I like fall, but summer is my favorite season. Also like spring but winter … the cold makes my joints hurt and I still haven’t found anyplace to get winter gear that fits right. If I could just be warm and dry when I’m out tramping around I’d like the winter.:)

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