Not Fall Yet!

I know I did a post on Meteorological Fall but fall, as the rest of us know it, isn’t until September 22.

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The Red Sox are still playing, even beating the dreaded Yankees. But mostly the talk is about football and tailgating , apple picking and leaf peeping.

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Yankee Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, Adirondack Life and National Geographic’s Traveler magazine all have top drives for seeing foliage or articles on how to take the best pictures and capture the colors.  (You mean there’s more to it than luck!?) I’m sure there are others, I just happen to subscribe to these. 🙂

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My Southeastern AAA publication even got into the spirit of it even if the did concentrate more on the Hudson River Valley than New England.

The Adirondack Balloon Festival is coming up, another sure sign of fall.

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We had fall-like weather the last few days with evening temps getting down to the 40’s but daytime was nice, sunny and mid-70’s even low 80’s in some places. No doubt about it, the Wheel of Time keeps turning and the air is starting to have a touch of fall. My allergies can swear to it as the Rag Weed crop was  a bumper one  this year thanks to all the rain. I’ll suffer until the first frost but please don’t hurry here,  Jack. I’ll put up with the runny , itchy eyes and sneezes .


Another beautiful sunny day beckons beyond my windows so enjoy your Sunday everyone.

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0 Responses to Not Fall Yet!

  1. Sandra says:

    I was up in Ticonderoga and went near the Vermont border, and the leaves have not turned yet. I have more color in my leaves here at home.

    • Dusty Roads says:

      There have been frost warnings but as far as I know no hard frosts yet so I imagine the trees aren’t quite ready to turn until then. Still very green around here.