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Mayor Stubbs: We know what’s going on with Mayor Stubbs, how he was mauled by a canine assassin and is clinging to life. I checked his Facebook page to see if there was any update on his condition but I didn’t see anything new. However there was a cute post. One of his young fans wrote him a song. Now that should make him feel better. Maybe we could get him to run for President?


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Tim Tebow was released by the New England Patriots.tim tebow

He vows to continue his pursuit of an NFL career. Reports are that an unnamed NFL team was willing to pick him up if he’s change more quarterback. Tim allegedly declined.


And Aaron Hernandez appeared in court where he pled not guilty to all charges. You know who he is, right. He was a New England Patriot until he was charged with murder. Then, of course, the Pats fired him. Makes me wonder how they could have hired him in the first place. He had a history of violence and it seems like the team should have known.

And more cat news!


Alaska isn’t safe for kitties at the moment! Mayor Stubbs is mauled and now a cat in Juneau survives an 11 story fall from a window. The cat did not get away unscathed. He suffered broken bones and had to endure surgery to , Like Humpty Dumpty, put him back together again. According to the Juneau Empire, the cat, named Wasabi, was chasing the Alaska State Bird when it flew out the window of the 11th floor apartment and he followed.


Maybe next time  he’ll remember that cats can’t fly .

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