You’ve heard of tree houses especially now that Animal Planet offers Tree House Masters as a series. Those houses they build are amazing but I got a kick out of one house we saw on our cruise around Cape Ann. That house reversed the idea of the tree house. A tree is growing right through the deck and it’s a big tree too.

Gloucester 138 copy

I don’t have the history of the house but I imagine that the deck was added later and there was a tree growing there already. Of course I could be wrong. Maybe the deck was there and when the tree got too big they cut a hole for it to grow through. Either way it’s a pretty interesting feature.

Gloucester 139 copy

I’m not sure if you can really see it in the pictures but that large tree next to the house is growing right up through the deck. The house looks like it’s well maintained and having a living tree growing through my deck rather than a bunch of potted plants, well that would be a big plus in my eyes.

Gloucester 140 copy

What do you think? Would you want a deck on your house with a tree growing through it?

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