Cat Tails

Good evening my friends

I admit I am very late with a post today. I had planned one entry but the more I thought about it the more I just found it too sad. It was about my niece-in-laws dog that just died. But like I said, the subject is too sad. I love having pets but how I hate saying the final goodbye.

So while I tried to find another subject on such short notice, Rocky kept climbing all over me, head butting me and in general making a nuisance of himself. Once he finally plopped (and I mean that literally) down and I began to pet him he went into his really lovable mode.


When he’s like that he wiggles and tries to squeeze as close to me as possible. His little paws open and close like he’s kneading the air and he drools! Yup, since he was a little , tiny kitten he’s drooled whenever he was really happy and content.


At first I was concerned something was wrong with his teeth or mouth and dragged him off to the Vet. After careful examination I was told “He loves you. You should feel honored.”


Over the years he’s gotten bigger but he’s never stopped drooling. Just now it isn’t cute little drops, it’s buckets of drool. He shakes his head and the drool flies. It isn’t all the time, only when he gets really , really relaxed.


So tell me, have any of you had a cat that drools? Now you know you are loved.

Rocky eyes copy

Do Ostriches have External Ears?

I like birds, big, small and in-between. They are fun to watch and challenging to take pictures of, at least good pictures. A friend said  “why do you photograph birds?”. My reply…because they are there. 🙂

D Webster 038e copy

FPZoo 063 copy

Anyway we were at the Franklin Park Zoo and the female ostrich was right up close to the fence. She seemed to be trying to catch little bugs that were landing on the wire fencing so we got a good up close look at her and I saw something but I’m not sure what.

FPZoo 109 copy

It looks like she has ears! Other birds have smooth heads. I’ve never noticed ears before. I tried looking it up online and got lots of scientific papers about they way birds hear but nothing about a real, external ear flap.

Disney 2012 324a copy

I’ve been working days this week  so my time to research this has been limited so I’ll ask you…Do ostriches have ears, real external ear flaps.

FPZoo 113 copy

If not, what are those things on the side of her head?

Humans are Scary..a Tale of the Detroit Cat Monster

Big Cat On The Loose In Detroit May Be Hybrid Savannah Breed

This is not the kind of stray cat you want to offer a saucer of milk, or even encounter on the street. For the last several weeks, Detroiters have reported seeing a large animal that has been described as up to four feet tall and as long as an 85-pound Doberman prowling their neighborhood in the northeastern area of the city.


Savannah Cat (domestic)

According to WJBK-TV in Detroit, an expert believes the animal could be a Savannah cat, a hybrid breed that is a cross between an African serval and a domestic house cat. The breed was first introduced in the 1980s.

African Serval Cat

African Serval Cat

The cat is putting residents on edge. Fourteen-year-old Paul Hatley told the Detroit Free Press he ran into the animal recently.

“It wasn’t normal,” he said. “It didn’t run away like normal cat. It just stared at you. … It was scary.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, several residents have spotted the cat, which has unique markings. They reportedly called Detroit Animal Control, who didn’t respond. On Friday, the Michigan Humane Society told the paper it would investigate the situation.

Paws for the Cause Feral Cat Rescue has also set traps for the cat, Laura Wilhelm-Bruzek told WDIV-TV.

“What I think is that someone took this breed of cat on and then probably dumped it here,” she said. “They’re the wildest version of a domestic cat but they are not wild animals, they have been domesticated.”

Well it seems the humans that care didn’t move fast enough and the cat was shot and killed. Turns out the cat was a family pet (which explains why it didn’t run away) and yes, it was extra large. But it had escaped from the family home and not being micro chipped was wandering lost until some gun happy imbecile decided to shoot it.

Aside from the shame of destroying a beautiful animal, these are very rare and expensive cats.

  • Males and females  that are from a first generation who have  more than 53% serval in them can cost anywhere from $7,000 to  $23,000.
  • 2nd generations (29% serval) can cost anywhere from $2,000 to  $6,000.  3rd generations (16% serval) can cost anywhere $1,000 to $6,500,  while a 4th generation can cost $1,000 to $2,800.

I can’t even begin to express how sickened I am by this outcome. Human’s are intolerant and we think we own the world. They couldn’t let the Animal Control people do their jobs and handle this. I’m sure the person who shot the cat is telling tales of his bravery in the face of this dangerous house cat. Grrrrr.

Is it any wonder that we have wars and crime and mayhem when we can’t even give a house cat a chance to find it’s home.

A Day at the Zoo

I think the saying is “a walk in the park” but for me and my friend and her family it was a “day at the zoo”. Nancy has been working 3 jobs all summer so squeezing in our annual summer jaunt was turning into a challenge. We were down to the wire when a Tuesday opened up in all our schedules at the same time! YAY!  I picked up Nancy and her two children, Alex and Dawn, and we made a bee line to the Franklin park Zoo.

FPZoo 002 copy

I love zoos and it had been a couple of years since I’d been to this one. Nancy said the kids hadn’t ever been to this one. Located in the Dorchester section of Boston, Franklin Park Zoo is truly an urban zoo. You can even get to it by subway.

FPZoo 005 copy

A  really unusual feature is FREE PARKING! In Boston that’s more rare than the animals on exhibit!

FPZoo 010 copy

We had a beautiful day for our visit. The weather was sunny and warm but there was a breeze.

FPZoo 039 copy

There was a new playground since my last visit and we spent a good deal of time there.

FPZoo 030 copy

FPZoo 032 copy

We spent the whole day! The Zoo was closing up shop as we made our way out the front gates.

FPZoo 144 copy

We’d covered everything from the petting zoo to the Bird World.

FPZoo 126 copy

We saw the gorillas and the tigers and lions.

FPZoo 114 copy

FPZoo 106 copy

My favorite is the Budgie Aviary and I think the kids liked that too. They didn’t want to leave.

FPZoo 047 copy

FPZoo 063 copy

FPZoo 046 copy

FPZoo 052a copy

We also enjoyed the Butterfly enclosure.

FPZoo 021a copy

Alex was reluctant at first but pretty soon the turtles had his attention.

FPZoo 015 copy

The giraffe was a treat as it was right at the fence stretching it’s long neck to eat right over the heads of the crowd.

FPZoo 080 copy

I had to stop by the prairie dog enclosure. The sentry even smiled for the camera.

FPZoo 086 copy

Leaving the ostrich behind we made our way to the car after a great day!

FPZoo 109 copy