A Wednesday Puzzle

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday I was out exploring for things I can share and I took an unusual picture. Let’s see if you can guess what it is!

Whale Watchin 126 copy

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0 Responses to A Wednesday Puzzle

  1. RachelT says:

    I would guess the shadow of a group of people standing on a bridge looking at rapidly-flowing river.

    • Dusty Roads says:

      Good. I wasn’t sure if anyone would see the shadows. It’s actually from a boat. The shadow is on the white wake that’s is being tossed off as we cruise along. 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    The shadow is very easy to spot. I wonder what the person on the right is doing, and the one right next to them. Both seem to be holding something. One looks like a cane not sure what the other person is holding.

    • Dusty Roads says:

      I’m not sure what they might have been holding. Some of the verticals could be from the railing. I showed the picture to a couple of people and all they saw was the “white Blob” but looks like it’s not much of a challenge here. 🙂 everyone spots the shadow!

  3. Its people standing on an observation area. I think they’re taking photos.

    • Dusty Roads says:

      Pretty close. It’s people on the deck of a boat. The shadows are on the spray the boat is throwing off to the side as it cuts through the water. I’m sure some are of the people are taking pictures just like I was. 🙂 Great comment! Thank you