Alaska behind me What Lies Ahead?

My traveling days are behind me for awhile I’m afraid. Even though my new job gives me 3 weeks vacation it will take awhile to “earn” the time. Plus all this running around from Alaska to Seattle and back again has taken a bite out of my travel reserve. It needs to be replenished.

The new company did  reimburse me for my travel expenses when I went out for the company introduction but they don’t cover Pet Sitting costs any more than they would cover  child sitting.

As you probably know the Northeast has been in the grip of a heat wave.


It is actually the 2nd heat wave of the summer. I was doing my practical training when the first one hit and driving home on RT 128 the AC in the car died. Of course it gave up the ghost when I was stopped in a 6 mile traffic jam in 90+ degrees and the sun beating down and not a whisper of a breeze.  Needless to say the car went into the shop the next day and came out 3 days later with my wallet $700 lighter.


But, I could keep penguins happy in the car now and believe me, I was very thankful this past week when we had 6 days of  90+ weather and high, high humidity.


I told my Florida friends that we were experiencing  the South Florida weather they get in August!

Disney 2012 500 copy

During all this I was studying harder than I’ve ever  studied in my life. My new job requires that I have a real estate license. They hired me in good faith counting on me to get the license ASAP. I was hearing horror stories from everyone about the test and most people that had taken the “New, Revised and Tougher” Massachusetts exam had failed the first time. I would just die if I failed! OMG that was the stuff of nightmares for me so in a panic I spent every spare moment studying and taking practice exams.


On July 3rd  I sat for the exam and to my great relief, Passed! So I am now a licensed  real estate sales person in Massachusetts. YAY ME!

My whole mind and body gave a sigh of relief and I felt like I could look around and take stock of where I was for the first time since we’d left for Alaska in May.

My new duties let me work from home. Nice! I can save on gas and wear and tear on my old jalopy. I am also finding that I have a lot more time since I’m not spending hours commuting each day.

Although I am a “Night and Weekend” worker I am now working 8 hour shifts instead of 10 so I only have 2 days off in a row instead of 3,  so mini vacations like I took last year are probably not an option, at least not right now.

So the bottom line is that I’m not sure what topics I’ll be covering until my next vacation. I hope little local jaunts and observations won’t be boring for anyone. As for my next vacation…well it’s just a germ of an idea …but I’m looking into Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.


At this point it’s just an idea. I need to work out cost and logistics to see if it’s feasible. I’m still looking for a vacation that will let me get that icon bear or elk photo. So far the best vacation for wildlife has been the South Dakota vacation we took. I’m sure there will be more. I just have to find them. 🙂

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  1. Hooray on your exam and license!! And your new job!! We did the Yellowstone/Tetons thing and loved it. I would again recommend the first week of September, things are still open then, but the tourists were long gone. We had the whole place to ourselves and could explore to our hearts delight. We stayed in an extremely rustic fourplex cabin ($40 per night, 7 years ago) with shared bathroom in the Tetons. Also at that time of year the elk are beginning to migrate and were on the move as were the bears etc, getting ready for hibernation. The Tetons were more enjoyable than Yellowstone. So amazingly beautiful.

    • Dusty Roads says:

      I have heard that the Tetons are nicer and not as much of a tourist thing as Yellowstone. I have a timeshare exchange near Jackson Hole but it’s an expensive one. That’s one of the things I’m working on. Right now the weeks I can use it are really limited but $40 / night or even $80/ night might make a rental an option. I understand there is an Elk sanctuary near Jackson Hole and spring and fall are the best times to see the Elk there. Certainly a lot to check into 🙂 But to me, the planning and anticipation is almost as much fun as the trip!

      • You’ll see tons of elk, right up on the lawns and such – they are everywhere – and bison also, no matter when you go. We had a bison grazing right on our doorstep at one cabin north of Yellowstone, literally 5 feet away.

        • Dusty Roads says:

          LOL That’s what I want to see. We saw tons of Bison in South Dakota but I still haven’t seen an elk except on TV.
          We’d hear how they’d passed by the day before and stuff but never a glimpse for us.