Chihuly Gardens

I’m back at the Space Needle and the first thing I did was purchase my ticket to the Chihuly Gardens. Many of the exhibits were familiar.

Seattle 089 copy

They had been part of the show that visited The MFA but now they appeared to be permanent exhibits. Although some were inside in exhibit halls many of the larger pieces were outside including my favorite one.

Seattle 093 copy

Seattle 090 copy

My favorite is a made up of purple “candles” placed around a fallen log.

Seattle 132 copy

Seattle 149 copy

Next to the log a pod of black glass “things” seem to be swimming out from under the log. It made me think of seals or maybe dolphins. I checked this out from all sides. It is definitely my favorite.

Seattle 104 copy

Seattle 097 copy

The thing about Chihuly is that all of his pieces are beautiful and amazing.

Seattle 110 copy

Seattle 105 copy

I still had plenty of time before sunset but most of the other places were closing for the day so I headed back up the Space Needle. I might as well enjoy the views while I wait for sunset.

Seattle 114 copy

Seattle 113 copy

I saw other photographers with their tripods.

Seattle 118 copy

Seattle 116 copy

I didn’t bring mine this trip but I wish I had.

Seattle 124 copy

Seattle 120 copy

Without a tripod I would have to hand hold and the darker it got the harder that would be.

Seattle 136 copy

Seattle 125

I hope these photos of Chihuly Gardens convey a little of it’s magical quality.

Seattle 144 copy

Seattle 145 copy

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