Alaska Wrap Up

I thought I’d finish my series on Alaska with a few stats for you to mull over. It’s no wonder they call Alaska “The Great Land”.

Mt Mckinley copy

Alaska is home to 17 of the 20 tallest mountains in the US. The top ten starting with Mt McKinley are:

  1. Mount McKinley    20,320 ft.       Alaska Range
  2. Mount Logan           19,541 ft.        Saint Elias Range
  3. Mount ST. Elias      18,008 ft.      Saint Elias Range
  4. Mount Foraker        17,400 ft.      Alaska Range
  5. Mount Lucania        17,257 ft.       Saint Elias Range
  6. King Peak                  16,972 ft.      Saint Elias Range
  7. Mount Bona              16,550 ft.     Saint Elias Range
  8. Mount Steel               16,470 ft.     Saint Elias Range
  9. Mount Blackburn     16,390 ft.     Wrangell Mountains
  10. Mount Sanford          16,237 ft.     Wrangell Mountains

Alaska has an area of 571,951 miles and is the largest state in the U.S, more than twice the size of Texas, its closest rival.


With a population  only 686,293 this translates to an average of 1.2 people per square mile.  the rest od the US has an average of 76 people per square mile.

Alaska has over 70 potentially  active volcanos!


The Alaskan coast line is 6,600 miles long. Include the islands and it balloons to 34,000 miles! There are 3000 rivers and more than 3 MILLION lakes!

Over 50% of the world’s Glaciers call Alaska home.

Alaska2013 500 copy

30% od Alaska lies within the Arctic Circle.

There’s so many more fun facts, like the Alaska Bachelor’s Club but if I tell you everything what will that leave you to discover on your own trip?


Newark International Airport at 5am. Almost home.

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