One more Lodge

After our exciting evening of dog sledding (I really did have a great time and would do this again) we all climbed back on board the bus to retrace our steps. We dropped off our young guides back at the trappers exhibit and returned to the lodge just in time to stop by the Base Camp Bar and Grill for a late dinner.

Then it was back to the room to pack up our bags again. This time they needed to be left out by 7 am . It was too cold to leave them out overnight. The staff would pick them up and they would be delivered to our room at our next stop, McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge. We’d be spending 1 night there before heading back to Anchorage.

We could have squeezed in an early morning tour, quite a few people did, but we just relaxed with a leisurely breakfast and some souvenir shopping.

The bus rolled up right at 11 am. As before the driver checked off our names and gave us a packet with a room key and map of the grounds. Then we were on the road again.

At least the weather was better than when we were cruising. The sun was out and we settled back to enjoy the scenery. This bus driver was talking with another driver that had pulled out ahead of us and was now was maybe 5 miles in front.

In Cantwell, Alaska you can stop and see this strange construction, a now  abandoned 4 story igloo shaped hotel. We just drove by. The driver said it had been abandoned because it was an environmental hazard…asbestos or something.

Alaska2013 891 copy

We watched the mountains pass and the landscape change to tundra again.

Alaska2013 884 copy

We passed a herd of caribou then the radio crackled to life.

Alaska2013 888 copy

There was a grizzly bear chasing a moose along side the highway. The driver gave us a mile marker and everyone sat up and started watching. Unfortunately the mile marker came and went and we never saw any sign of the bear or the moose.  Everyone settled back down.

Alaska2013 890 copy

A bit farther along the passengers in the front of the bus got  very excited. By pressing my face tight to the window I could just make out why. There was a moose running along the side of the road with the traffic! I couldn’t get a picture from that angle but I got ready just in case and it paid off.

Alaska2013 883a copy

Just as my window approached the moose, he decided to leave the road and bolted up the bank. Wonder of wonders, I caught his scramble even though the window glass!

Alaska2013 910 copy

Not long after the moose sighting we pulled into the new lodge.

Alaska2013 893 copy

It was lunch time so we dropped our carry-on’s in the room and made a bee line for the restaurant. Apparently several buses had come in at the same time so we had quite a long wait but finally we were seated right by the kitchen.

An order of chicken fingers made everything right again. 🙂 When my tummy’s not happy, I’m not happy.

Now fed, we had the whole afternoon to explore. There was a show in the movie theatre we wanted to see about the Aurora Borealis but we’d missed the mid-day showing and the next wasn’t until the evening. There was another about Alaska so we went to that instead. It was a series of photographs in slideshow format set to music. It was beautiful and worth spending the time to see. It even included some shots of the northern lights so maybe we could skip the other movie.

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