Thar She Blows!

All hatches and windows “Battened down”, all passengers seated and secured and we were on our way to Point Retreat Lighthouse.

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The first blow was spotted ahead and to the right around 2 o’clock but we were too far away to see the animal. The captain throttled back, Phil opened windows and we all spread out to watch for the next spout. He could be anywhere.

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I was standing in the bow area and heard it before I saw it. Right behind me there was a loud whoosh. All of us in the bow jumped and whirled around. The whale was behind us now. Those aft were getting a clear view of the hump.

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This whale was cruising along. We’d see his back hump then it would glide beneath the waves only to break the surface 5 or 10 minutes later in another place. It wasn’t diving deep as it wasn’t showing it’s flukes at all. Finally we didn’t see it anymore but the captain got a call about some more so we moved off to check out those sightings.

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Not too much farther away we saw another whale surface and blow. This one didn’t hang around too long and we caught a little bit of fluke as it did a shallow dive.

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We were running out of time. We still had to get back for the 2nd half of the excursion.

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We headed back toward the lighthouse.

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It was on our way back to the harbor anyway. As we again approached we saw other whale watching boats and there were more spouts.

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They were really close to land this time.

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Finally as the captain reluctantly told us it was time to head back we got a report of a mother and a calf. It was on our way so we kept our eyes peeled and were rewarded with a glimpse of 2 blows traveling close together. We didn’t have time to stick around 🙁 but at least we got a glimpse.

As we pulled back into our berth in the harbor I checked the pole where the eagle was perched when we left. It was still there! It was almost as if it was waiting for us to get back safely. As we were unloading I saw it take off, dip toward the water then soar away.

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Time for us to clamber back onto the bus for the 2nd half of our excursion; the Mendenhall Glacier.

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    • I wish they had been a little more active but better than going back with nothing. I can’t complain. It was fun and that’s all that matters.

  1. Oh My Goodness!! Cool, cool, cool. Now, how perfect would it be if you could have that light house job?!! Sign me up 🙂 Love the way that eagle flew off after you returned, as if to say, “Now my job is done.”

    • I don’t know if I’d want that job, LOL It was awful cold out there but it is a pretty lighthouse. I wouldn’t mind a couple of weeks there to watch the whales swim by. I agree with your comment about the eagle. It was like he didn’t need to hand out any more once we put in. 🙂

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    There is nothing like standing on a whale boat, surrounded by the backdrop of the mountains and ocean, as you witness the sheer awesomeness of these majestic creatures. It is a real thrill.

    • It surely is! Well said. Thanks for visiting. I stopped by your site the other day. Looks like we were both in Alaska at about the same time. 🙂

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