Island Princess Revealed

Like all of the other cruise ships I have ever been on, the Island Princess was huge.

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From Bow to stern the Island Princess measures 964.3 Ft.  Walk the halls back and forth just 3 times and you’ll almost have a mile! The ship is 105.6 ft. wide. She can carry a maximum of 2368 passengers and 810 crew members. The Island Princess first set sail in June of 2003.

The Island Princess has swimming pools. One is covered  but the other is in the open and eventually was drained as we cruised north and it got colder and colder.

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There is a small casino.

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A spa and beauty salon.

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Multiple entertainment venues.

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Movies under the stars (Even when it rain or so they claimed)

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Open decks

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An internet café…unfortunately because of the mountains the service was spotty and slow. I have an issue with paying for “minutes” when the service takes forever to connect. If the internet was fast I’d be the first to sign up. But I had to use it one day to answer just one work related email and it took 12 minutes of my 15 minute package to connect.

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I remember my first cruise. I spent most of my cruise lost. The 2nd cruise was easier and I found this one easier still but Sandy was on her first cruise and the size of the ship and all it’s decks was like a maze to her. It all takes time. By the end of the cruise she’ll be an old hand at getting around.

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