A little Tower in Brockton

Once upon a time there was a little hill in the area which became known as Brockton, Ma. Long, long ago it was known as Indian Hill. Some say it got this name as a look out point for Native Americans. Others say it was sacred ground for those same Native Americans and that they held religious rituals there.

The site is said to have been first explored by white men when the Pilgrims made their “First Hike” through the area.

Today, the spot is known for its tower, built in 1925 by local workers to honor  local men and women who served in World War I. The 65-foot stone tower, with  about 100 steps, offers a great vista of Brockton from the top.

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I first saw the stone tower about 2 years ago when I discovered D. W. Field Park. The park has a paved road that winds around Waldo Lake and the Brockton reservoir. The road is shared with dog walkers, joggers, families, any one who wants a peaceful place to enjoy a day close to nature in the heart of a busy urban area.

The tower is locked now. Climbing the stairs to the top is reserved for 1 day each summer but the locks simply add to the romance of the tower. A perfect setting for a damsel in distress, locked up and waiting for rescue. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

Ah but I am letting my imagination run wild. I simply wanted to share a stone tower that I find fascinating every time I see it.

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0 Responses to A little Tower in Brockton

  1. RachelT says:

    D.W. Field Park is truly a gem. Years ago, when we lived in Brockton, I would bring my little daughter there to feed the ducks and geese on one of the ponds. The Park & Rec Dept. recently made a big effort to clean up the overgrowth so it looks spiffy. I recommend it’s mid-summer festival where many different ethnic cultures from the city get together. Great family event!

    • Dusty Roads says:

      That might be the event where they open the tower. I have a friend in Brockton that told me about that. Usually it’s on a weekend and I used to work weekends. Looks like my new job is going to have the same hours so I’ll miss it again. 🙁