A Sunny Day

The weather remains cool (50’s) but sunny. The local weatherman says we need rain and that we are running about 10 degrees below average in temperature. The Right Whales are feeding off Cape Cod and it seems every weekend there’s another benefit walk for something.

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The cats continue to drive me crazy. Last night after I went to bed I was awakened by loud growls. As I ran to the living room to break up the fight, Smokey at my heels,  Rocky bolted to a cardboard box and Buddy flopped onto his side next to it. They both looked at me like they were the most innocent creatures in the world. Clearly it was a “mock battle”.

Not so this morning at 6am when Buddy decided he wanted Smokey’s window seat. (Sigh) That was a real fight, if one-sided.  Poor Smokey! I wish I knew who removed his claws! We could pull off a few fingernails and see how they like it.

Smoke 001e copy

What will happen when I’m away on vacation and not around to play referee?

But back to yesterday. Since it was a nice sunny day I headed out to take some pictures. I’ve been neglecting some of my favorite spots and it was time to see what was going on for spring.

Lake Rico was busy with families picnicking and kids fishing. Since I didn’t want to intrude I moved on to the Herring Run. I’d seen some great pictures from some of my friends but when I got there the only wildlife was a few grackles.

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I hung out for about an hour but nary a sea gull came to visit…lots of people but not much else.

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Next stop the Grist Mill Pond in Plymouth.

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Mr. Majestic was feeling his oats chasing the Canada Geese up and down the pond.  Mrs. Majestic was still on her nest.

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At one point he climbed up on the  bank and after clearing the area of his pesky nemesis he performed what can only be called his victory dance!

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Then off he sailed, head held high, obviously quite pleased with himself.

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