A is for…

I was thinking about the upcoming Alaska trip and it hit me that after Alaska I will still have 2 more states that start with A to visit.
Two visits to Arizona gave me memories of the Grand Canyon, Montezuma’s Castle, Meteor Crater to name just a few of the sights.

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On my second trip I even got to share some of those experiences with my sister.

Sedona #3 060 copy

There’s still so much more to see there as well.

Sedona 5 071 copy

Slot Canyons and Monument Valley to the north and Saguaro National Park and Tombstone to the south and much more. I could plan return tips every year and not see it all.


Coming up in just a couple of weeks is another “trip of a lifetime” but this one is to Alaska. From Vancouver to Anchorage by sea and the interior for a stay in Denali. We have a full schedule but once again we’ll only be scratching the surface. I’d love to see the bears of Katmai especially during the salmon run and  the aurora borealis.



Museums, battlefields, botanical gardens and nature trails. I’m sure there’s more. Usually when I start looking at a state more and more places of interest crop up. When we went to South Dakota the most common question I got was “What’s in South Dakota?”. Way more than you’d think but I’ll save that discussion for “S”.


And the 4th state starting with A is Arkansas. The thing that comes to mind first is The Clinton Library. National Geographic lists a drive through the Ozarks as one of the “Drives of a Lifetime” . Blanchard Springs Caverns  are ranked among the most beautiful underground discoveries of the 20th  century. National Parks, a diamond mine, civil war battlefields, even a restore antebellum town to explore, seems like Arkansas has  a lot to offer when its turn come up.

So tell me, have you been to an “A” state? Do you live in one? What can you share about any of the “A’s”?

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