Springtime at the Pond

It’s a beautiful spring day. Even the breeze carries a hint of warmth. Buds are starting to appear on most of the trees. Some plants are even flowering. Robins made their appearance a couple of weeks ago but even more birds are arriving daily. The previously frozen landscape is awakening.

A visit to the Grist Mill Pond in Plymouth, Ma reflects the rhythms of spring as well.

springat the pond 012 copy

Mr. Majestic patrolled the pond with his typical aggressive enthusiasm. His usual targets, the Canada Geese, were on the pond in force keeping him busy posturing and chasing. They approached Mr. Majestic’s end of the pond like a noisy armada.

springat the pond 017 copy

He’s truly beautiful when he fluffs out his feathers . He’s King of the Pond! The geese didn’t stand a chance and retreated back to the far end of the pond. Far from Mr. Majestic’s domain.

springat the pond 023 copy

All this warfare is tiring and soon Mr. Majestic took a nap floating right on the water.

springat the pond 007 copy

He kept one eye open for sneak attacks but the geese had other things on their minds.

springat the pond 016 copy

The Pond Crier, a gull, was busy guarding some stale bread. He would sound the the alarm for sure if the geese made any adverse moves.

springat the pond 004 copy

Nearby a male and female duck rested on the new grass.

springat the pond 018 copy

But back to Mr. Majestic, what had inspired him to be so territorial so early in the season? A search of the far bank soon revealed the reason. There was Mrs. Majestic snoozing on a nest.

springat the pond 002 copy

Mr. Majestic shook off his nap and checked his reflection in the water. (Mirror, Mirror?)

springat the pond 022 copy

Satisfied with what he saw in the water he was soon escorting the Mrs. to dinner. What a lovely couple.

springat the pond 024 copy

I wonder if there will be little majestics  later this spring.

springat the pond 029 copy

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