Nothing to See Here

I stole the title from the phrase Office Barbrady (a South Park Character) always says. “Move along…Nothing too see here”.


It’s been really busy. I never thought I’d be unemployed and complaining that I was too busy to prepare a proper post but there it is. I’m in the middle of 2 online courses. One is about travel writing through a continuing ed web site and the other is the Mass. Real Estate salesman license prep. (40 hours). I also had 2 interviews in 2 weeks, both phone interviews and attended an all day seminar on resume writing.

I think I’ve spent close to 40 hours sitting in the Unemployment Office trying to get that straightened out. Seems my former company didn’t properly report the terms of my layoff. I finally heard from the investigator yesterday.

In between I’ve been setting up Cobra so I’ll have insurance, transferring my homeowners and auto insurance to direct bill from payroll deduction and trying to get my severance from my former employer. After all, I can’t activate Cobra without sending in my premium and with no unemployment or severance coming in I’m not sure where the company expects I get it from. ┬áLong days on the phone when I’m not at the Unemployment Office but that finally paid off yesterday too.

And finally I’m trying to move furniture, paint walls and sort through all the stuff that came home with me from the office. I feel like it’s a never ending chore but I really want it done in case I land a work- from- home job. I need a neat, organized work space.

So that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I need a day off! And what better day to take than a Wednesday…a mid week break. So this is all there is today. Be back soon.

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  1. Nancy Centers says:

    That sounds like more than a job! I know it is frustrating as HELL but also know things always have a way of working out. My situation is proof!

    BHCC meeting yesterday went well and YES I will get pd before the June mortgage deadline. I am too tired to think about how I will manage with two jobs and everything else but I like having the structure and life away from home.

    Ok slight wrinkle in plans. I got bit by a tick yesterday that I took off myself but there is a huge welt so I might go to Urgent Care in Easton really early after I put kids on the bus. No time today. I should be outta there in plenty of time, hope I can take Jeans car. If not I will take bus down and walk back I guess.

    Off and running to the bank then the bus @ 10:20. See ya tomorrow. How much do I owe you? Sent from my iPhone

    • Dusty Roads says:

      I think things are going to be just fine. Making progress. I just need a day to “decompress” then I’ll be right back at it. I’ll email you about the cards