Spring is in the Air

Boy the last couple of days have been busy! As you probably figured out from my recent posts I made a trip to Newport for my “Mystery Monday” and then grabbed the “T”  into Boston for one of our first really nice days which also happened to be OPENING DAY AT FENWAY.

opening Day 007a copy

Baseball is back in Boston! I also attended an all day seminar in resume writing and job hunting and applied for a position as a travel writer. Wouldn’t that be a nice gig?

Meanwhile back at Fenway  I didn’t have tickets and wasn’t about to spend $50 for one of the “Cheap Seats” but it was fun to be a part of the  excitement. Boston is a sports town where excitement always runs high but the Home Opener at Fenway Park is always something special.


Once most of the shouting mob was in Fenway I slipped into Uno’s in Kenmore Square for lunch and missed the best moment of the opening…the   Fly Over! I’m not sure what kind of planes but as I was being seated I saw it on the big screen TV. What I wouldn’t have given to be outside to try to get a picture of that! It caught me completely by surprise!

opening Day 019 copy

But now I needed sustenance so over steak tips and salad I chatted with my waiter who hailed from South Africa. Must add a trip or two to that county to my bucket list.

From Uno’s I headed back to Park St.. The previously crammed subway cars were now empty making for a much easier ride if not as exciting.

I was now on my quest to see the “Duckling” statues. You remember the story Make Way for Ducklings? Well I had heard that someone had outfitted them with spring bonnets and I wanted to see this. Since rain was in the forecast I knew if I didn’t go right away they would be a wilted mess. Hard to believe that it was going to rain when I looked at the brilliant, cloudless blue sky.

opening Day 034 copy

I’ve seen the statues before but of course I couldn’t remember where in the public garden they were located.

opening Day 051 copy

Like most things that are lost, you find them in the last place you look.

opening Day 044 copy

In my case it was after I had walked all the way around the Boston Common.

opening Day 052 copy

But it was worth it.

opening Day 056 copy

Those little Spring Bonnets were just the cutest touch! 🙂

opening Day 059 copy

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