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A is for…

I was thinking about the upcoming Alaska trip and it hit me that after Alaska I will still have 2 more states that start with A to visit. Arizona Two visits to Arizona gave me memories of the Grand Canyon, … Continue reading

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Some Things Just Need to get Done

Yesterday was a beautiful day but instead of “going fishing” I ended up throwing open the window and sliding door to the deck to air out the condo. I started my spring cleaning. Seems like things really got out of … Continue reading

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Another Beautiful Day

Too nice to work! Playing Hooky! Think of all the things I’ll have to tell you about when I get back. Gone Fishing! Thanks to the person who shared this picture on the internet. Love it!

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Springtime at the Pond

It’s a beautiful spring day. Even the breeze carries a hint of warmth. Buds are starting to appear on most of the trees. Some plants are even flowering. Robins made their appearance a couple of weeks ago but even more birds are arriving … Continue reading

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Barn Babies

About a week ago I had the awesome honor of photographing my friend’s daughter. You saw one of her pictures on the Mother’s Day Card posted on my card  page. Dawn was a great little model for one so young … Continue reading

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Nothing to See Here

I stole the title from the phrase Office Barbrady (a South Park Character) always says. “Move along…Nothing too see here”. It’s been really busy. I never thought I’d be unemployed and complaining that I was too busy to prepare a … Continue reading

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Battleship Cove

Battleship Cove is located in Fall River , Ma. It’s a nonprofit maritime museum. In addition to the brick and mortar museum, the grounds are decorated with propellers, props and preserved pieces of hulls. In the water of beautiful Mt. … Continue reading

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Mystery Monday

Any guesses where this is? I thought I’d try something other than buildings. Here’s a hint…it’s still New England. Guesses, comments and observations welcome! 🙂

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Haddam CT

Since my Riverquest cruise left from the boat dock at Eagle Landing State Park in Haddam, I thought it might be worthwhile to check out this little town while I was here. It seems there’s something for everyone. Sportsmen can … Continue reading

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Ospreys and Eagles …Oh My!

Time to head to the docks or should I say a dock. I’m heading out on an Eagle/Osprey cruise. I last went on one of these trips on a cold day in February 2011. Of course I picked the coldest day … Continue reading

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