The Saga of a Stray Cat ~ The Final Chapter

So the cat, now known as “Buddy”, is back with me. I think you knew this was coming. Maybe it was meant to be. I really don’t go looking for cats, they just find me.

The vet couldn’t find anything wrong with Buddy’s head or skin. It wasn’t  red or inflamed. There was no sign of scratches. She tested him for ring-worm…negative. It looked like someone waxed the spot on his head. She wondered if there were children in the home that might have stuck a sticky candy or gum or a lolly pop on his head and then pulled it off. It was a mystery.

more cats 003 copy

All jokes about Rogain and Hair Club for Cats aside, we really had no idea what caused the sudden hair loss.

With Buddy’s return there was no need for a re-introduction. The three cats gave greeting sniffs then scattered to do whatever cat things they were doing before I brought Buddy back.

more cats 016 copy

I remember my threat to call him “Boomer” but he seems to respond to Buddy so Buddy it is.

His hair is growing back quickly. Right now it looks like a bad comb over. Buddy always comes running when he hears the hair dryer. By putting it on low I can use it  to blow his hair aside to check his skin. So far so good.

Buddy hair 001 copy

Another co-worker came forward and offered to take him but I told her he’d been bounced around enough. I hope she will adopt another needy kitty. Buddy seems to have settled in here with me. He’s found his Forever Home.

more cats 001 copy

He is a handsome fellow, isn’t he?

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0 Responses to The Saga of a Stray Cat ~ The Final Chapter

  1. Nancy says:

    He is a great cat and could not have found a better Forever home!! Despite the trials and the expense, pets are worth the effort in terms of what they give to us. Nothing like a warm purr and a snuggle at the end of a long day or one that hops up into a warm lap (unless of course it is my puppy who sticks his tongue out and laps my face AFTER he has raided the cat litter box ! Ewwwwww!!)

    • Dusty Roads says:

      LOL I agree about pets, obviously! But as I get older I worry about the long term commitment for thier food, health, acre and wellbeing. I’m not getting any younger and our pets are living longer.

  2. Miss Dusty, you would make a GREAT cliff-hanger mystery writer. With each new post I found myself eagerly waiting for the next installment to see what would happen next. 🙂 Someone once told me that when it comes to life-long pets, they choose you, not you choosing them. It appears that you’ve been chosen, lol.
    I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, wanted to share something with you about your upcoming joblessness adventure. I’ve heard about 2 websites, but I can’t exactly remember their names, that helps you find seasonal jobs. Both when we were in Alaska, and when we visited Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, the staff came in from other places. There was a lady our age at the Grand Tetons who was a ticket vendor, she sat on a stool and manned the cash register from May – Sept, and after that she was on her way to the Ski Lodges for the winter. I would LOVE to do that. In Alaska I heard of these two websites, something like: and ???? I can so see you having a grand time like this while getting some payment in return. Just a thought now that freedom is at your doorstep 🙂

    • Dusty Roads says:

      I have heard of jobs like that. One website I was told about was or something like that. I may have it in my notes from South Dakota. The RVer’s travel from place to place and get seasonal work through that website. It’s certainly something I am considering. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. Patti Ross says:

    Buddy is a lucky guy, and I did expect he would end up with you, eventually and forever. Your other two adapted so easily to him, it seemed like a natural fit. Have fun!

    • Dusty Roads says:

      LOL I think it was his plan all along from sitting by my condo door to losing his hair at the 2nd home. It was surprising how easily he fit in with my other 2. 🙂