The Saga of a Stray Cat~ Chapter 4

By the time Tuesday rolled around the still nameless stray had settled into a routine with the other two cats. I was slowly adjusting to having a  cat underfoot every minute but it was time to break up this fine domestic scene and take  Tippy to his new home. I can see why fostering a homeless animal can be hard. It’s impossible not to get attached and then you have to give them up.

tippy 001 copy

It was the right thing to do. Three cats in a one bedroom apartment was a bit crowded and I was concerned about the expense. People think cats are cheap to own and at one time they were. But in today’s economy, not so much. They need health checks annually along with vacinations and then there’s the general every day maintenance of kitty litter , food and treats. Food used to be very inexpensive but now it’s hard to find canned food for under $.60/ can. With 3 cats I was going through 4 cans a day. Moose had a huge appetite. So although I was sorry to see him go I was relieved.

I dropped him off with his accumulated  “stuff” . I gave  the new owner  his rabies tag and vet records, patted him on the head one last time and prepared to leave. His new owner was thinking of calling him Mr. Tux…cute. I like that. He was busy exploring his new digs as I went out the door.

Back at work that Thursday I checked in on how “Mr. Tux was making out. I was assured it was a good match and that everyone was happy. I joked that if he came back to me again I was going to name him “Boomerang”, Boomer for short, or Re-Run. I joked because I really thought this time the re-homing would stick.

It didn’t. He lasted less time at this home than he did at his first one. On Sunday I got a  call to come get him because his hair was falling out. Not shedding, he was getting bald!? His new owner was sure he was sick but I had my doubts. My vet had checked him out and I trust her. She ran all the blood tests and since he was boarded over night they even got a stool sample and checked it for parasites. All came back negative. There had to be something else going on.

I couldn’t go right away because I was at work until 8PM so I promised to come by on Monday. When I got there Mr. Tux’s things were all packed up by the door for me and sure enough , he had a bald spot!

Buddy 003 copy

I said “Hey Buddy, What’s up with you?” and he came running! That was the first time he had responded to anything I’d called him! I picked him up and was rewarded with little “Kitty Kisses” on my ear. I guess he did miss me.

Back in the car went his things. I called the vet and off we went to get his head examined. Literally! Depending on the result it was likely that he was baaaaack!

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