The Saga of a Stray Cat~ Chapter 3

I wish I’d had another day off to supervise the trio  but first thing in the morning I had to go to work. I was pleased to see that all 3 cats had survived the night with no blood-shed. The cats were still wary of each other so I placed the breakfast food bowls in 3 different places.  While they were eating I headed into the bathroom for my morning shower.

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Imagine my surprise when I went to step out of the shower only to have all 3 cats sitting there waiting! My bathroom is tiny! But at least they were all together with no evil looks or sounds.

With my heart in my throat I headed off to work. It would be about 12 hours before I’d get back. A lot can happen in 12 hours.

While at work I was telling my co workers about the new addition. He didn’t seem to like the name Mittens or Tippy so I’d tried 007 (his coat is a tuxedo  pattern), James Bond, Moose (because he’s so big and  he’s clumsy), Bulwinkle (to go with Rocky) but so far nothing seemed to stick. My most recent attempt was “Puss” short for “Puss in Boots” because of the effect his plaintive little meow had seemed to have on the other cats as well as me.


One of the girls really perked up as I was telling my story and asked if I really wanted to keep him.

I told her I’d consider letting him go to a good home. She immediately called her mother who had been looking for a cat. Her mother jumped at the chance to give an adult cat at home. The only drawback was that I couldn’t take him over until Monday or Tuesday  of the next week. This was only Thursday.

Meanwhile at home the bonding was continuing.

As I drove home I had mixed feelings. I really don’t want or need a 3rd cat. Especially one the vet estimates is only 5 years old. At the same time he was fitting in pretty quickly with my other  two. I was not sure what I’d find when I  got home. The closer I got the more my imagination ran wild and not with good scenarios.

Finally …Home…I unlocked my front door and 3 streaks of fur came flying out. Previously only Rocky ran out. It was a game for him. He’d run out and I’d go pick him up and carry him back but tonight  all 3 came flying out, even Smokey! The “Puss”ran down the stairs to the laundry room, Rocky headed for the front entrance and Smokey got to the stairs and froze not sure where to go or who to follow!

I snagged Smokey first and tossed him back through the doorway.

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Rocky was next and I closed the door.


Then at the bottom of the stairs I saw Tippy/ Puss/ Mittens waiting as if to say “Are you coming to get me?”  What have I gotten myself into!!!

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Dinner time was anti-climatic after that homecoming.  Rocky and  Tippy wound around my legs while I opened cans of food. Smokey kept his distance so I let Rocky and Tippy eat side by side and set Smokey’s food bowl a little apart. After dinner they each came over for head rubs and pets before taking up their “spots”, Tippy at the top of the cat tree, Rocky under his heat lamp and Smokey on the couch next to me.

It was like Tippy had been here forever.

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