The Saga of a Stray Cat~ Chapter 1

Two’s company and three’s a crowd except when watching  re-runs of My Three Sons or Three’s Company, classic 70’s comedy. In any case I’m about to find out if it’s true.

It’ s not as if I haven’t had the pleasure of being owned by 3 cats before. I have.  When Rocky was a kitten I had a Persian named Little Joe.

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Although he was a purebred he was  still a rescue. Long story. Smokey came along because Rocky was just a bundle of energy and too much for Little Joe to cope with.


I rescued Smokey as a companion for Rocky and from that day until Little Joe passed on there was a war zone between Smokey and Little Joe. (Sigh)


After Little Joe passed over the Rainbow Bridge there were just the  2 and it’s been that way for a long time, 8-10 years.

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Rocky is no longer a kitten at 13 and Smokey has moved into old age at 15. As much as I love my furry companions I admit I was looking forward to the day when I could travel without getting a pet sitter (expensive) or getting a new outfit and not having cat hair on it before I got out the door the first time. Even  having a living room for people instead of filled with cat trees. But alas, it  seems not to be.

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The night before I left  for Florida I got home around 9 pm to find a black and white cat sitting on my door mat for all the world like he belonged there. I’d seen the cat in the parking lot for a couple of days and it bee lined for me each time. Now, on the coldest night of this winter, someone had let him into the common area of the condo and he’s made himself at home at my door. What would I do!? I had a plane to catch in the morning so I couldn ‘t leave a “stranger cat” with my 2 and it was too cold to toss the poor thing outside.

stray 002 copy

I took a picture and posted my dilemma on Facebook. Almost immediately I had a response from a friend who wanted a cat and, wonder of wonders, she was willing to come get him right away!

stray 001 copy

She arrived at my place late or maybe I should say early. It was after 1 am. That’s dedication to come after him at that time of night!  I helped her pack him up and  off I went to Cozumel with a happy heart.

I was proud that I’d done a good thing and the pretty kitty had a good home. Or so I thought.

To be continued……

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