March Blizzard 2013

Oh it was tempting to skip work today but I am getting close to the end of my employment. With that deadline looming  I dragged myself out the door about 9 AM. Here’s what greeted me.

march blizzard 001 copy

The tree by the front door

march blizzard 002 copy

The decorative bench on the front lawn. Pretty clear we have a bit of accumulation.

march blizzard 005 copy

Along Rt 44 trees weighed down and other snowy vistas

march blizzard 007 copy

march blizzard 006 copy

Christmas tree anyone?

march blizzard 008 copy

Can you believe it was still snowing? This isn’t Alaska. It’s Southern Massachusetts!

march blizzard 010 copy

march blizzard 009 copy

It’s supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow! Talk about weather extremes.

march blizzard 012 copy

But my favorite…Here come the plows.

march blizzard 013 copy

I got this picture of the west bound plow by holding the camera out the car  window as I drove eastbound.

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