Flamingo Gardens

My early start had been side tracked by the unwelcome visit to the Welcome Center. Now that I’d wasted a good 45 minutes I decided Everglades National park was best delayed until tomorrow.

So where to head today? In my brochures of the area I found a one for a Botanical Garden and Wildlife sanctuary. In my travels I’ve had really good luck with botanical gardens and wildlife sanctuaries. I am about to see if my luck will continue.

Flamingo Gardens is located at 3750 South Flamingo Rd ,(Davie) Fort Lauderdale. My GPS said it was about a 20 minute drive. My full “kit” was loaded in the car including tripod and telephoto lenses. I would not be traveling light today.

To my surprise when I arrived there was a flea market well underway. The botanical gardens had not opened yet so I wandered around the stalls. I didn’t see anything I was interested in so I made my way over to the entrance.

FloridaMexico 467 copy

I watched a Peacock preen while I waited for the doors to open.

FloridaMexico 462 copy

The entrance was through the gift shop.

FloridaMexico 466 copy

I was handed a map of the grounds with my ticket.


As I passed through to the grounds on the other side I spotted a huge tabby cat. It gave me my “kitty fix” of the trip.

The paths were almost jungle-like with flowering plants and overhanging vines and branches.

FloridaMexico 473 copy

It was only about 9:30 am and the morning light filtering through all this lush growth was an artist’s dream.

FloridaMexico 470 copy

Eventually I arrived at the Aviary. All of the birds and animals in the sanctuary are rescues. Their injuries prevent them from ever being released back into the wild. The sanctuary allows them to live out their lives while serving as animal ambassadors for their species.

I entered the aviary with limited  expectations. I was quickly surprised. I first spotted some white wading birds..egrets or maybe white herons but as I came closer I realized there were many more birds than I first noticed.

FloridaMexico 492 copy

Continuing along I met more birds… wood storks

FloridaMexico 524 copy

and anhinga,

FloridaMexico 520 copy

FloridaMexico 517 copy


FloridaMexico 512 copy

FloridaMexico 507 copy

FloridaMexico 499 copy


FloridaMexico 484 copy

and spoonbills

FloridaMexico 529 copy

were just a few of the residents.I even spotted some good sized turtles.

FloridaMexico 528 copy

FloridaMexico 504 copy

I found my self spending hours among these feathered creatures with my camera working overtime.

FloridaMexico 531 copy

I was surprised that there weren’t more people passing through the aviary. In fact only one small group came through while I was there. Maybe being surrounded by uncaged birds wasn’t to everyone’s liking.

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