Ramada Inn

This post is for my sister. She is always interested in the places I stay. I mean literally. She wants the scoop on any motels, hotels or time share condos I visit on my travels.

This time I was in a Ramada Inn that I found on Hotels.com. I had looked into using the time share but it would have cost me almost as many points for 3 nights as it would if I was staying  for a week so I chose to rent a hotel instead.

The deal I got was $56.25/ night. That was pretty inexpensive . Of course  Florida doesn’t have an income tax (or so I’m told) so they make it up in other ways. There was a charge of $62.58  for “Tax recovery and service fees.” Still even with the fees it was less than $80.00/ night.

At that rate I was a little concerned about the hotel and I did pass through a rather sleazy area on my way but by the time I reached the Ramada the area seemed fine. This one is located at 5100 North State Rd 7, Fort Lauderdale. I had a non smoking room with one King Bed. It could use a desk but other than that it was quite a nice room.

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I was impressed with the hotel.

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One of the best things was washer and dryers on the 2nd and 4th floors. I was on the 2nd floor and they were right down the hall from my room. They were coin operated and change and supplies were available at the front desk.

They had everything there…a heated pool, basketball courts, tennis courts and a restaurant on premises that served breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also had a beauty shop, gift shop, game room and gym. Wi-fi was free throughout the hotel.


Although I used Golden Corral for meals quite a bit over my stay I did enjoy a couple of meals at the restaurant. It was buffet style and the food was only so-so but it was convenient and the price was quite reasonable.

The Wi-fi turned out to be slow and spotty. Clearly it wasn’t sufficient to support the number of users during  the week. Sunday night was different. The hotel emptied out and voila…I was surfing again.

All in all, this was a very nice place for the price. One cautionary note. There was a “Welcome Center” off the lobby and restaurant. The ATM was located here and a rack of brochures.  The back part was divided into cubicles. When I woke up the first morning there was a paper under my door inviting me to the Welcome Center to pick up local maps and coupons for discounts.  Sounds nice doesn’t it. Well it wasn’t. The Welcome Center is just an euphemism for a sales pitch. Similar to a Time Share presentation the representative tried to book me for an appointment to hear about a “Vacation Club”. Another time another trip and I might have said yes but on  this trip I just wasn’t interested. That didn’t sit well with the booking rep. I made the mistake of telling him my plans when we first sat down. Now he made fun of them and told me how I was wasting my time. When I asked him where the maps were the invitation promised he practically threw them at me. At that point I stood up, thanked him for his time and left. But on my way out I stopped at the front desk and lodged a complaint. That made me feel better.

No way would I let the rough start to the day put a damper on my spirits. The sun was shining. I just knew the rest of the day was going to be awesome.

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