Sea Day On Carnival Imagination

As I write this post there’s another Carnival Ship being towed to Alabama from their failed Gulf Cruise. The Carnival Cruise ship Triumph was disabled on Monday by an engine fire. The ship is carrying more than 4000 people between guests and crew with some reports as high as 4500. The ship was 55 miles off the Mexican coast when the fire happened. Conditions since then have really gone downhill. I would not like to be on that ship! To think only a little more than a week ago we were on the Imagination in the same area! We could have been on there!

Luckily our ship didn’t have any problems. In fact we had an uneventful day at sea the last day. The cruise director had loads of activities planned.  We watched the  “Hairy Man” competition and the ice carving exhibition.

FloridaMexico 390 copy

FloridaMexico 392 copy

FloridaMexico 394 copy

The lunch buffet was a bit fancier than usual with ice cream swans.

FloridaMexico 388 copy

Sorry they melt fast and when we had them make us a fresh one we forgot to take the picture before eating it! 🙂

FloridaMexico 389 copy

We finally got some sunny weather too.

FloridaMexico 395 copy

There were trivia contests and time to look at all of the photos the ship-azzazzi photographers had been taking. There was even time to grab a nap in the afternoon. The evening was spent at dinner and the farewell show. It was all a nice relaxed pace but plenty to do.

Untitled_Panorama1a copy

One thing we never got to was the Casino. We walked by it plenty of times, talked about trying it for  a bit but just never got there. I’m definitely not a gambler and I don’t think Joe is either so it wasn’t missed at all. Still I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there was a casino for those so inclined.

Arriving back at our cabin for our last night we had our last towel art. I can’t call this one an animal. But very appropriate for a Post on Valentine’s day, don’t you think?

FloridaMexico 404 copy

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