Sights from Day 1

Day1 056 copy

The Lido Stage

Day1 077 copy

long, long hallways to the staterooms

Day1 078 copy

Puppy…our first towel animal from Housekeeping

Day1 075 copy

looking down to the deck 7 lobby

Day1 072 copy

Day1 068 copy

Miami in the distance surrounded by rain

Day1 063 copy

Light or Dark? Cheers!

Day1 059 copy

Pool and another hot tub on the Lido Deck

Day1 044 copy

one of the many cruise line photographers

Day1 055 copy

Take a bow~ Break Dancers

Day1 048 copy

Welcome Party on the Lido Deck

Day1 010 copy

Top of the ship

Day1 042 copy


Day1 024 copy

Hot Tub and Lounges

Day1 022 copy

leaving the Port of Miami

Day1 011 copy

Port of Miami~ More cruise ships



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0 Responses to Sights from Day 1

  1. Nancy says:

    Nice! Now all I can do is dream cause that is the closest I will probably ever get to a cruise ship. Love the last picture. I wonder how they do that…kids would love it. I bet a scan of Pinterest might reveal the secrets.

    • Dusty Roads says:

      You are young yet, I’ll bet you’ll be cruising by my age… I was editing the post so I don’t know what picture was last but I’ll guess you mean the towel animal. They actually offered a class so you could learn how the animals are made. We didn’t go. Personally I like keeping the mystery. If I knew how to make them they wouldn’t be quite so special. LOL

  2. Sandra says:

    What a big ship.Never been on a cruise, however my first one is coming up soon.Will not be as warm as this one for sure. 🙂 Very nice pictures..

    • Dusty Roads says:

      It wasn’t as warm as it appears. It was overcast or raining most of the time. I expected it to be very warm and brought tank tops when T shirts or sweaters would have been more appropriate but even with the “iffy weather’ there was plenty to do and we had a nice time.