Day1 056 copy

Sights from Day 1

The Lido Stage
Day1 077 copy

long, long hallways to the staterooms

Day1 078 copy

Puppy…our first towel animal from Housekeeping

Day1 075 copy

looking down to the deck 7 lobby

Day1 072 copy

Day1 068 copy

Miami in the distance surrounded by rain

Day1 063 copy

Light or Dark? Cheers!

Day1 059 copy

Pool and another hot tub on the Lido Deck

Day1 044 copy

one of the many cruise line photographers

Day1 055 copy

Take a bow~ Break Dancers

Day1 048 copy

Welcome Party on the Lido Deck

Day1 010 copy

Top of the ship

Day1 042 copy


Day1 024 copy

Hot Tub and Lounges

Day1 022 copy

leaving the Port of Miami

Day1 011 copy

Port of Miami~ More cruise ships



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