Day 13~ Challenge Progress Report

I’m still in the 21 day challenge. Yesterday was only day 13 but it was the most challenging day so far. I picked out a location and subject and looked forward to grabbing a shot on my way to work. I forgot to consider that sunrise wasn’t until 7:15 am and I would need to be close to work by then. Sure enough, when I arrived at the shoot location it was still pitch dark. Even a long exposure wouldn’t help. I needed a flash of inspiration.

Once at work I was locked into a 12.5 hour shift so it was dark when I left too. At home I was desperate to find a “subject” I didn’t want to miss a day in the challenge. Finally just before I went to bed I decided to pull out some Valentine’s Day photo props. Since it was late I kept it simple.

I was too tired to trust myself to edit the results so it’s a day late posting but here it is.

valentine 001 copy

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