It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Around the office the elves are busy pinning and taping. Various displays are beginning to come together. The early birds add the finishing touches to their cubicles while watching in awe as the late-comers throw themselves into their project with deadlines looming.
WFO Christmas 009 copy Every where you look there’s a tree or snowman or wreath or so it seems.
WFO Christmas 005 copy

WFO Christmas 003 copy

WFO Christmas 001 copy

WFO Christmas 011 copy

WFO Christmas 012 copy

WFO Christmas 013 copy

Management concluded that the department supervisors couldn’t be the judges (probably a good choice) so 3 supervisors from another department are being coerced into the role of judges. I wouldn’t want to try to choose. All of the displays are beautiful or symbolic and everyone contributed work, idea, or decorations.
WFO Christmas 024 copy

WFO Christmas 020 copy

WFO Christmas 018 copy

WFO Christmas 014 copy

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