Goodbye Twinkies RIP

Well here’s to the power of Unions. I thought they were supposed to help the people who were their members? The union question is big in my company. We’re not union but a lot of people would like to see that change. They think it will protect their jobs, benefits and perks. They think it will prevent management from demanding more and more work for the same or less pay.

That’s what the employees at Hostess thought too. Hostess has been struggling but they make good snacks. Snacks that we thought would be around forever…especially since the shelf life of a Twinkie was said to be 30 -50 years.

President Clinton  called  Twinkies  an “American Icon” as he dropped a Twinkie in the millennium capsule back in 1999.

But 5000 people just cost 18,000 people their jobs. Hostess said…”Help, We can’t pay our bills “ and petitioned the bankruptcy court for protection. As part of the bankruptcy they were told to cut wages. The union said no. Hostess said if we don’t cut wages we can’t stay open but the union still went out on strike. It was no secret what would happen if the union didn’t settle the strike. It was in all the news.

Now the company is being liquidated. No more Twinkies, no more Ding Dongs and no more jobs for 18,000 people.

It’s a sin. Dear Union…Are you pleased? Are you proud of your accomplishment? The power of a union run amok.

I can’t do anything for those 18,000 unemployed folks except express my horror and indignation but I can share a recipe or two so that  maybe the withdrawal from the yummy (but unhealthy) snacks won’t be too severe.

Sorry my scan is a little small. 🙁

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  1. I have been in two unions and I was not happy with either one of them. Unions are good to a point but they have gone way beyond that point. After all the President of the AFL-CIO is a socialist . He even make that statement which many people forgot about.

    • I’ve never been in a union and don’t want to be. I watched a great show on the History Channel and they touched on the reasons unions came into being in the first place…unsafe working conditions…excessive hours etc. Alot of those abuses have been legislated away now so union have to try to justify thier existance by getting into things better left alone. Hostess is just the latest example of where a union did far more harm than good.

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