There’s no season in Retail

A pet peeve of mine is that retailers don’t let one holiday finish before they start the next one. Before Halloween one of my local stores had 3 separate displays set in a row, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. When I commented on it the clerk replied “There are no seasons in retail.”

I’m beginning to understand what she meant. Thanks to my 2 web sites where I sell my greeting cards online and my little kiosk at Cape Cod Crafters in Pembroke, Ma, I am finding that it’s a lot different selling retail than making cards for a few friends. There needs to be a lead time so shoppers can find the cards, have time to buy them, address them and get them in the mail.

Last year I really dropped the ball. I had nothing ready by Christmas so it was a 2 week scramble to get cards made and distributed. This year I’m doing a little better but still cutting the time too short. At the moment I’m waiting for supplies and prints so I can put the cards together and get them advertised online and into the shop.

So here’s an update for anyone who might be interested in Holiday cards. I will custom design a Thanksgiving card if you email me. The cards are $3.95 each plus 6.25% tax for Mass residents and shipping. I don’t plan to have a line of Thanksgiving cards this year because it’s too close to the big day but I’ll work on it for 2013.

Christmas Cards or if you prefer Holiday cards will be online within 2 weeks as soon as the supplies get here. Keep your eye on

If you are looking for a really pretty card but want to keep your costs down you should check out my photography web site on

I have a slightly different line of cards there.  On you’ll find 10 holiday photos ( More being added) to choose from. Once you chose your photo you select the card design you like. You’ll have the option to add a short message. You might be prompted to review the placement of your photo and chose if you want a plain paper or “metallic”.

The metallic gives a very shiny finish but the plain paper is a glossy finish too so both are very attractive.

These postcard style cards come with an envelope and are a less expensive alternative to the hand crafted cards I sell on etsy.

I hope you’ll check them out. I’d love to be able to fill your holiday card needs.

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