Fall is Pumpkin Time

I think I have discovered the perfect Pumpkin Patch for Linus (Of Charlie Brown Fame) to find the “Great Pumpkin”.

Back from New York and the Adirondack Balloon Festival I’d barely had time to unpack when my friend Nancy told me she had arranged  a meeting with one of the owners of the Sailing Cow Cafe in Dennisport, MA. They were interested in seeing my photos and cards to possibly order some for the restaurant. So here we were on a beautiful Tuesday morning driving down to Dennisport, MA.

At Nancy’s suggestion we were traveling down Rt 28 instead of the Cape Highway (RT 6) . The sun was shining and the sky was a deep blue. There was a touch of fall in the air, a perfect day. That was when we spotted the carpet of bright orange and green. Pumpkins everywhere. We had to stop.

There were big pumpkins and small, white ones and green gourds.

There was even a T-shirt stand with T-shirts, of course but also cookbooks with pumpkin recipes. The event is The Pumpkin Patch and it is well named. It’s a fund-raiser for the local church.

They set up a spectacular display. All those orange pumpkins spread out over the green lawn is a feast for the eyes.

Nancy and I wandered among the rows taking pictures as we went.

Nancy also bought a T-shirt for her grand baby in Ohio. Then it was time to move on. We still had to get to our meeting at the Sailing Cow.

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