Sometimes I feel Like “Dumbo”

You remember “Dumbo” the Disney elephant that could fly as long as he had his “magic feather”? Well, I think I lost my magic feather. Let me explain.

About 2 weeks ago the chain of camera stores that includes Ritz Camera were put on the auction block. Everyone thought they would be bought out and reorganized but instead the top bidder was a liquidation company. Now they have less than 5 weeks left to sell all and clear out. My first reaction was shock. I think everyone at my favorite Camera Store in Hingham felt the same way.

To make myself feel better I headed off to Nantasket Beach to take some whimsical pictures of Hawaiian bobble head hula dancers. It was a nice day and I really enjoyed myself.

I couldn’t wait to get home and put the results on the big screen of my computer. Everything looks good on the tiny LED screen. When I uploaded to the computer I was confused and   horrified.  How could I get such grainy shots on a bright sunny day. I grabbed the camera and checked the settings. What a knuckheaded mistake! I had the ISO set way high from shooting interiors the day before. I haven’t made that kind of mistake in over 2 years!

A few days later I was back down to Ritz to see how everyone was doing. I had a few remaining prints to pick up. I’m not sure where I’ll get my photo processing done now. I didn’t stay long because I had arranged a photo shoot with a young lady that would like to do some modeling. So I was off to Nantasket again to get some late summer beach pics with her in them for Stock Photos.

It looked like I got some great shots and I was all excited. Home I went to check them out on the “big screen” monitor. OH NO! They were all blue!

How could that be? What is going on with me? Once again I reached for the camera. ISO correct…check, white balance on Auto…nooooo.  I had set the white balance to incandescent the day before and hadn’t reset to auto or even sun!

That was when I thought of Dumbo and his feather. I haven’t been able to take a decent picture since I found out Ritz was closing. These people have been my mentors and friends, not just clerks and salespeople. Over the past 2+ years my photos have made huge improvements just by getting a little hint here or a suggestion there, all done with kindness and gentle support. They have celebrated my successes and laughed  with me over my goofs. They have been my photography gurus always ready to answer questions or give me a boost when I was feeling discouraged or insecure. Now they won’t be there anymore.

So it seems Ritz was my feather. As long as I knew they were there I could fly. But now that they are closing I seem to have regressed…or in the Dumbo analogy…lost my feather.

Dumbo’s little mouse friend convinced him he could still fly and with time I’m sure I’ll get my groove back . To my favorite  Ritz Camera store in Hingham, I will miss all of you. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the help you’ve given me.  I hope you all find doors open for you and new paths to achieve everything you want. It isn’t the end (even if it feels like it now) but an opportunity for new and greater things.

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