Happy Labor Day

Here we are at September 3, 2012, Labor Day. Are you grillin’ and chillin’  in celebration or are you one of the folks who have to hold the fort at your job while the rest of us enjoy the unofficial end of summer?

Just think, all of you parents out there, your little ones will be headed back to school in a few days.

The air is starting to have a bit of a nip and we can actually open the windows at night with temps into the 50’s. Soon leaves will change and the “leaf peeping “season will begin. Stores already have  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas displays started. (There is no season in retail)

Believe it or not the first big Labor Day in the US was celebrated September 5, 1882. Oregon was the first state to make it a holiday 5 years later in 1887. It became Federal Holiday in 1994 and by then 30 states were celebrating the day.

Although Labor Day was meant to support and celebrate the Labor movement it is more likely to be thought of as the symbolic end of the summer with cookouts and parties. It is also the date when fashionable women stop wearing white.

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