Provincetown or P-Town as its known locally is located at the very tip of Cape Cod. It’s not a short drive to get there by any means but it is a unique destination. For one thing it’s home to the Dolphin Fleet, a well-known whale watch tour company. I’m told they are very successful with their trips out to Stellwagon Banks.

The town itself is very touristy, known for its arts and crafts think “Artist Colony”. A favorite trait of the town is it’s pet (read dog) friendly policy. Shops up and down Commerce Street have water bowls out for your leashed pets. We even saw a dog pulling his owner while the owner rode his skateboard..shades of Cesar Millan (Dog Whisperer) .

The other thing that P-Town is known for is gay pride. It is very accepting of alternate lifestyles. There are  families and children side by side with lesbian couples and gay men. It’s a relaxed and easy atmosphere. Everyone is friendly.

We ate a Mojo’s, a little take out restaurant twice that day. Once for lunch and again for dinner. Lunch  for me was a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich on whole wheat and dinner was the fried scallop plate. Lightly breaded, moist fresh scallops. Makes my mouth water just to think of it.

The day started out cloudy and cool and never really warmed up but eventually the sun did come out. We spent a relaxing day just wandering the town and the wharf area. No shopping this trip just enjoying the sights and indulging in a photo taking orgy.

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