Voted # 1 in New England

Speaking of Ice Cream, I turned on the news the other morning to hear that an establishment in Taunton, Ma (where I live) was voted #1 for Ice Cream in New England. Now that’s really cool! Someplace in my own town won out and it’s a category I love…Ice Cream. I have got to check this out!

How could I have lived in this town for 6 years and not know where this place is? According to NECN , Frates at 1423 Somerset Ave, Taunton is #1.

So the first time I went looking it was raining but I found out right away why I’d never noticed it before. It’s on RT 138 going south but I am usually going north so I turn the opposite way about a mile before I would have reached it.

I was pleased to see that it isn’t just ice cream. They have all kinds of food; hamburgers, fish and chips, fried clams, fish sandwiches and more. And, oh yes they have ice cream. Tons of ice cream, hard and soft, blizzards, sundaes, floats. Amazing!

I tried the Fish sandwich. Sooo good and polished my meal off with a small soft serve cone with “mix in’s”. Remember the days when there might be 28 flavors of hard  ice cream but only vanilla, chocolate or a “twist” for soft serve? Well that sure has changed.

Ok, so my 2nd visit to Frates was on a sunny day. The picnic tables on the patio were open and there was a steady stream of cars in and out of the parking lot.

This time I had the fish and chips. Excellent choice. Once again I finished up with a small soft serve cone. This time with Oreo cookies mixed in.

Since this is less than a mile from my home I can see it becoming an addiction. The whole atmosphere is good.

 The folks are really nice and friendly and I love the decor..cows…along with the rockin’ oldies they have playing. I was tapping my foot and trying to sing along between bites.

Although they are “seasonal” their season runs from March to late Oct or beginning of November…that’s  seasonal plus. 🙂

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