Block Island at Last

High Speed Ferry Returning to Point Judith

The ferry cast off and as soon as we cleared the jetties it was apparent that we were going to hit some heavy seas. I was on the top deck (a true glutton for punishment) which was open. The deck below was enclosed and warm but silly me wanted to stay topside. It was kind of like riding a bucking horse.

The bow would go up and up and then ever so slowly we’d begin to tip into the trough and then picking up speed the stern would rise and with a crash of spray the bow would slice the waves at the bottom of the trough.

Up and down! I watched the rollers moving toward us and tried to judge how much the boat would buck by the depth of the trough approaching.

 All though it was cold and wet the 55 minute trip passed quickly. Pretty soon we were passing another jetty into a calm harbor.

The waves were crashing over the sea wall making a spectacular scene.

The Ferry unloaded quickly and I found myself standing in the middle of the parking lot a bit lost. In my rush to catch the ferry this morning I had left my reservation confirmation in the car. It had the address for my guest house. I thought it was right near the ferry but I didn’t see it as I looked around but I did see a Chamber of Commerce building.

At the Chamber I asked for directions to Ashley House. At first the woman at the desk seemed puzzled but she quickly brightened up and told me to go through the Harborside Inn.  As I headed over there I was approached by a taxi/tour driver. He also said I’d find it in back of the Harborside Inn so I short-cutted down an alley and sure enough..there it was. Only one problem. There didn’t seem to be an entrance.  But there was an ice cream and pastry shop so I asked there how to get into the Ashley House. The girl took me out to the front and around the corner to an alley, pulled open a door and pointing said “Up the Stairs”. So up the stairs I went following a long corridor of polished wood floors and doors along the length but after I wandered the whole length and went back down the other stairs, I found myself back out side and still no place to check in.

I began to retrace my steps to the Chamber building for more detailed directions when I bumped into the Chamber lady leaving. She asked me if I’d found Ashley House. I told her yes I found the house but where do I check in?. She then went into more detail. The Harborside Inn owns Ashley House and if I go to the front desk of the Inn they will do the check in and give me my key. It seems so obvious in retrospect.

Check-in, once I found it, was quick and simple. The clerk even gave me a map and a list of restaurants that were open. Since this was still the “off-season” many of the restaurants and shops were still closed although you could see them being freshened up with new coats of paint and displays set up for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

The clerk pointed out the 2 Lighthouses. She said the southern lighthouse was an easy walk from town but the other lighthouse was more challenging.  I thanked her and headed to Ashley House to find my room. I was anxious to see what the inside of the rooms would be like after my trip down the corridor.

I wasn’t disappointed. It was a beautiful room with a large sleigh bed, a TV and a private bathroom with shower. That was important to me as a lot of the guest houses on the island have shared bathrooms. I was very pleased.

 It was beginning to lighten up and the rain had stopped so maybe I’ll be able to get a sunset picture after all! But first I need to stop in at the Ice Cream shop and buy something as a way of saying thanks. Without the clerk’s help I could still be wandering around looking for the entrance!

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0 Responses to Block Island at Last

  1. You’re making me miss New England. That room looks sweet.

    • Dusty Roads says:

      There’s nothing quite like New England, that’s for sure. Not saying it’s the best or better than anywhere else just unique unto itself. That room was really nice.

  2. Nancy says:

    I would have needed dramamine before going on such a choppy ride out there. The waves crashing on the jetty were lovely but I would have been too green to enjoy LOL Last time I went to Block Island (ten years ago I think) it took a few hours before I was able to eat but I really loved the scenery. A beautiful room so close to the Ferry and who knew it was owned by the bigger hotel? I love the sleigh bed and the colors. Perfect for an overnight! Glad you went despite the weather being somewhat iffy….

    • Dusty Roads says:

      OH I had my sea sick patch. “Trans derm scope” it’s a perscription motion sickness med and I won’t go on the ocean without it unless it’s a really big boat. It has to be on for 4 hours before you hit the waves so I stuck it on before I even left home. Then by missing the boat it was really ready to go by the time I caught the ferry at 3pm. The room was really beautiful, much more than I expected. It’s nice to be surprised like that.

  3. Sandra says:

    Nice room. Where is the picture of the bathroom. You know me, I like to see it all. I bet it was quiet as well.

    • Dusty Roads says:

      You can see a peek of the bathroom i one of the pictures. It was small but clean and functional. The room was very quiet. It was at the end of a side hall of the main corridor. The name of the room was “Aleisha” . Each room had a female name.

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