A Honking good time

Yesterday I managed a few hours  with the camera before I had to be at work. My first stop was the Herring Run aka Oliver Mill Park. I haven’t seen the Great Blue Heron since I got the shot of him eating the fish. It’s been very busy over there with lots of people fishing and even swimming. Plus they have the new bridge which lets people get even closer to the marsh so I don’t know if it’s moved on or if I just keep missing it.

No Big Blue today either but there were a couple of Canada Geese families.

After following those little goslings and their parents around a bit I moved on to The Grist Mill Pond in Plymouth. I wanted to check out the Swans and see if they had any little swans yet. The swan pair in Brockton hatched some cygnets so I thought the Plymouth swans might have hatched too.No luck. They were still on the nest but there’s going to be plenty of Canada Geese. There were 3 more families here and some had quite a few goslings!

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0 Responses to A Honking good time

  1. Sandra says:

    Love the birds even though they are kind of dirty birds. LOL Yup too many of them and they make a big mess. However they are very pretty birds.

    • Dusty Roads says:

      Oh yes. They are very dirty birds . And of course the swans are mean..can’t win LOL. We do have an over-abuundance of the Canada Geese but it doesn’t take much to tip the balance the other way so I guess I’ll vote to let nature take it’s course.