A Colorful Little Shop

My week 10 Photo of the week was of two cute yellow duckie statues all decked out in a spring display.

Well I thought you might be interested in where I found such a whimsical decoration. I wish I could say I set it up myself but I’m afraid I can’t take credit for it. What actually happened was that I was running errands with my friend Nancy. We had just left Ritz Camera at the Derby Street Shops in Hingham and were headed down RT 53 to Trader Joe’s. Nancy and I spotted the house at the same time. It was kind of hard to miss. It had flowers all over its beautiful wrap-around porch. That splash of color so early in the year (it wasn’t even spring yet) really caught the eye!

Right then we decided to stop in on our way back from Trader Joe’s.

We got back in the mid afternoon. I took some pictures of the house from the parking lot then Nancy suggested we go in. It appeared to be a business and we were curious. We saw the sign, Garden Craft,  but weren’t sure what that entailed.

Inside the house was bursting at the seams with silk flowers ands displays. I loved the idea of holiday trees..decorated trees not just for Christmas but for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and even a tree with seashell ornaments.

There were fireplaces in every room and each mantle held a different displays. The lady at the front desk was putting together a floral wreath but stopped for a moment to tell me a little bit about the store.

Garden Craft was formerly in Hanover where they sold not only silk arrangements but also garden and nursery products. They sold off their previous location, discontinued the garden /nursery line and moved the retail operation to this building in 2011. From what she told me they have quite the loyal following for the retail part of the business and the new location is only about 1/2 mile from the old Hanover location even though they had crossed over the town line with the move. They were now in Norwell.

 I told her I liked to take pictures and asked if I could photograph some of the things they had in the store. She told me to go ahead and enjoy myself. Nancy was looking for little items  so she was happy to give me time to wander around documenting the visual feast surrounding us.

It was great fun wandering around the shop. As these photos illustrate they have a wonderful variety of decorative products and ideas. It’s definitely worth a stop.

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You can find Garden Craft at 427 Washington St, Norwell, Ma. 🙂

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