SPAM! and I don’t mean the lunch meat

I would love to know how you get targeted by spamers? Lately I have been getting hit by 20-30 spam messages per day! What a mess. It takes forever to sort through them and it isn’t fair to those of you who are following my comments. I am very sorry this is happening.

What did I do to come to their attention? For more than a year I’ve had a nice quiet blogging life!

I contacted WordPress because I know my Spam filters are on and it does catch some of it but they said there’s nothing they can do. I have to enter each IP in order to block it. I am spending more time doing that than I am writing posts.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? How did it happen? Why is it that one day it’s BAU (business as usual) and the next day the comment box is flooded with automated nonsense?

Once it starts it just keeps rolling….5 spamĀ  and I enter the IP in the filter. Next day 10 spam, all new IP’s so I enter them, the next it jumped to 20! It’s like they multiply!

I have entered over 100 IPs in the past week. Any suggestions?

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