2012 Photo of the week~ Week 7

Gray day in Boston…When are we going to get some sun?

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  1. Rachel T. says:

    Beautiful shot. But you’re driving me a little crazy trying to figure out what church this is. Please tell us!

    • Dusty Roads says:

      It’s not a church. The spire you see is the top of the Old Custom House in downtown Boston. I’m not sure what the glass building that is blocking it is called. This was taken from a little playground near Joe’s on the Waterfront on the new “greenway”. My friends and I were mulling over the picture trying to figure it out ourselves. I’ll have to take a walk over to that building next time I’m in Boston and find out. That’s actually why I didn’t caption it LOL

  2. Rachel T. says:

    Yes, now I get it! Thanks! Google Maps shows that the modern glass building in front is 200 State Street. Looks like a big office building. I love the way Boston is a mix of the very old and the new. And the Boston Redevelopment Authority does a good job of asking modern architects to blend their buildings with the historic… e.g. pitched roofs and uneven wall surfaces, not all flat glass cubes. Didn’t do that with the Prudential Building, but Boston has since smartened up.