Evening Magic at the Magic Kingdom

By now you’d think that we’d have had enough of the Magic Kingdom but Joe wanted us to see the fireworks plus we still needed to get dinner.

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Everything in the Magic Kingdom was booked. Unless you had reservations you were out of luck. We finally ended up with hot dogs on Main St. ( They were very good hot dogs too) We started out sitting on the brick wall but someone finally gave up a table.

Joe spotted it first and I saw him take off at a run. He got there almost before the ladies were out of their seats but it was a good thing because there were other people right on his heels.

The table turned out to be a great seat for the Fireworks over  Cinderella’s Castle too. After dinner and before the show Joe, Saralyn and Tim wanted to go shopping for souvenirs but we didn’t want to lose the table so I elected to stay put and guard our seats.

Good thing I did.

Before the fireworks was another show where pictures taken by the Disney photographers of people around the park are projected up onto Cinderella’s Castle. They seem to melt and shimmer as they change. I couldn’t make out the faces too well where we were seated. It was a bit far for my eyesight but it was still pretty and fascinating to watch.

 Cinderella’s Castle was changing colors which was quite lovely all on its own.

We were in the perfect spot for the fireworks over the castle and that moment was fast approaching.

 And then it was over and time to fight the crowd back to the bus.

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