Magic Kingdom

Now that we had the Keys to the Kingdom we were free to play the rest of the afternoon. This is when the experience becomes more visual and auditory. Although I don’t have sound, imagine an undercurrent of laughing and crying (and yes, children do cry at the Happiest Place on Earth. I guess no one explained that to them) , talking and even yelling. There is music  and the sounds that go with the rides. There’s the clack-clack of the roller coasters and then the screams of fear or delight and they go over the top and start the plunge.

We had a couple of Tea Cup fans . Joe and Saralyn both like those so we had to let them get a ride.

I like the carousel but I’d rather take the pictures than ride it. Tim and Joe were willing to take that ride for the sake of art.

 I wanted to ride the Steam Train and the River Boat. We made it to the River Boat but the Steam Train has to wait for another visit. The River Boat was a relaxing ride while the narrator pointed out the sights and sections of the country we were passing through. We could hear “Sam” calling out the depth as we went along…Mark….Twain….

We caught a showing of the animated bears. I forget what they were called but they were a real hillbilly jug band.

The show at Cinderella’s Castle is spectacular. It made me think of the show that was televised during the Christmas Parade this past December.

We can’t forget “It’s A Small World”…after the ride the song will be in your head for the next week! 🙂

Of course what would Walt Disney World be without parades.

We went in search of a sweet snack or ice cream and ran into the Barber Shop Quartet. They were really entertaining. At one point instead of tapping one of the members did a series of little hops. I laughed and said “I can do that” meaning hop..not tap dance…well someday I may learn to keep my mouth shut!. They got to the refrain, each did their little tap dance and then the last one pointed at me and shouted. “take it!” I did my best impression of  soft shoe in my clunky sneakers while everyone one clapped and laughed. Good fun if a bit embarrassing.

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